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Credit Action SEO & Content Marketing Case Study

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By Chip Radoslavov

Industry: Personal Finance and Debt Management
Location: United Kingdom

Agency: Kaleto.Digital
Services: SEO Strategy and Implementation, link building, SEO migration

Objectives approached Kaleto.Digital to significantly boost its website traffic and online visibility. As a leading online personal finance and debt management blog in the UK, it sought to expand its audience reach and improve its search engine rankings to serve its readers better.

Overall Results

  • 100% increase in Google Traffic
  • 125% increase in Search Impressions
  • 75 High-Quality backlinks built
Credit Action Case Study

Strategy and Execution

To achieve these objectives, Kaleto.Digital implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that included on-page and off-page optimization. Key actions included:

  1. Content Optimization: Refining existing content and creating new, relevant, and engaging material tailored to the target audience.
  2. Technical SEO Enhancements: Addressing website performance issues, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and improving site navigation for better user experience.
  3. Link Building: Establishing 95 high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites within the personal finance sector to enhance domain authority.
  4. Keyword Strategy: Conducting extensive keyword research and integrating high-impact keywords to increase search visibility.

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Over the course of 18 months, Kaleto.Digital’s efforts led to impressive outcomes for

  • Traffic Growth: The website experienced an increase of over 100% in organic traffic.
  • Visibility Enhancement: There was a 125% increase in search impressions, indicating a substantial improvement in visibility.
  • Link Building Success: A total of 95 quality backlinks were secured, contributing to the site’s higher search rankings and credibility.

These results underscore the effectiveness of a well-rounded SEO approach in transforming online presence and achieving sustainable growth in a competitive digital landscape.

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