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Free SEO Tools – What Are The Best Ones

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By Chip Radoslavov

Looking for free SEO tools? Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console, SemRush Free Account, Bing Webmasters Tools, Google Ads Keyword Planner, and more can boost your online presence and traffic. These tools monitor site health, track backlinks, find keywords, and optimise strategies. Plus, tools like SchemaGenerator and Answer the Public enhance SEO efforts. Start optimising now!

1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – Our Favourite Tool

Ahrefs Webmasters Tools

When utilizing Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for SEO analysis, we can efficiently monitor website health, track backlinks, and identify Google ranking positions. This tool is invaluable for SEO strategy planning as it provides insights into the performance of our website.

By examining the data from Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, we can optimise our website using various optimisation techniques. Understanding our backlink profile and quality is essential for effective link-building strategies, which are vital for improving our search engine rankings.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allows us to conduct a thorough site audit to identify and address over 100 common SEO issues impacting our rankings. Additionally, the tool provides valuable information on the keywords we’re ranking for and the websites linking to us, aiding in our SEO strategy planning.

2. Google Search Console – Invaluable Insights

Google Search Console

Let’s explore the Google Search Console, an essential tool for monitoring website performance and enhancing SEO strategies. The Google Search Console provides valuable insights into your website’s presence in Google search results. It helps you understand how users discover your site, which can inform your SEO content strategies. By analysing data on clicks, impressions, and click-through rates, you can optimise your content to improve visibility.

Moreover, Google Search Console aids in identifying opportunities for link-building techniques. You can view which sites are linking to yours and evaluate the effectiveness of your backlink strategies. By understanding how external sites reference yours, you can refine your link-building approach to enhance your site’s authority and credibility.

Additionally, the tool offers valuable keyword research tips by showing the search terms users use to find your website. You can identify high-performing keywords, optimise your content around them, and uncover new keyword opportunities to boost your site’s relevance and visibility in search results.

3. SemRush Free Account – Best Ahrefs Alternative


As we explore the SemRush Free Account, we use this tool to enhance SEO strategies and optimise website performance. Regarding SEO strategies, SemRush Free Account offers valuable insights into keyword research, competitor analysis, and tracking keyword rankings. This tool allows us to identify high-performing keywords, analyse backlink profiles, and monitor website traffic trends.

For content optimisation, SemRush Free Account suggests improving on-page SEO, content quality, and user engagement. It helps identify content gaps, optimise meta tags, and enhance content relevance. Additionally, the tool recommends creating SEO-friendly content that resonates with the target audience.

In terms of backlink building, SemRush Free Account assists in identifying potential link-building opportunities, analysing competitor backlink profiles, and monitoring backlink growth. It also helps understand referring domains’ authority, anchor text distribution, and a website’s overall backlink health. By leveraging SemRush Free Account, we can enhance our SEO strategies, optimise content effectively, and build a robust backlink profile to improve website visibility and rankings.

4. Bing Webmasters Tools – Great For Bing SEO

Bing Webmaster Tools

We will now explore the functionalities offered by Bing Webmasters Tools. Bing Webmasters Tools is a free SEO tool that provides valuable insights into your website’s performance on Bing’s search engine. Let’s compare this tool’s features and analyse its capabilities in the table below:

Performance ReportsDetailed analysis of your website’s performanceUnderstand how your site is ranking on Bing
Keyword ResearchInsights into relevant keywords for your websiteOptimise your content for better search visibility
Backlink AnalysisMonitor and analyse your website’s backlink profileImprove your website’s authority and ranking
Site Health MonitoringAlerts for any issues impacting your site’s healthQuickly address and fix potential SEO problems

When comparing free SEO tools, Bing Webmasters Tools offers a unique perspective tailored to Bing’s search engine, complementing other tools like Google Search Console. You can thoroughly understand your website’s SEO performance by utilising Bing Webmasters Tools alongside other tools.

5. Google Keyword Planner Within Google Ads

We can uncover valuable insights into relevant keywords for optimising content and enhancing search visibility by discussing the benefits of using Google Ads Keyword Planner. This tool is essential for conducting SEO keyword research, helping develop effective content optimisation strategies, and identifying competitor analysis techniques. Using Google Ads Keyword Planner, we can explore trending and seasonal keywords, understand search volume, and discover keyword variations based on semantics, not just exact matches. While it may have limitations like showing search volumes in a range rather than absolute numbers, the tool remains a pivotal asset for any SEO strategy.

Moreover, Google Ads Keyword Planner expands our keyword pool beyond simple seed keywords, providing a wider array of relevant terms to target. This feature enhances the depth of our keyword research, enabling us to capture a broader audience and outperform competitors. To conclude, Google Ads Keyword Planner is a versatile tool that is essential in optimising search engine content and improving overall online visibility.

6. MOZ Domain Analysis

MOZ Free Domain Authority Checker

Utilise the MOZ Domain Analysis tool to gain insights into a website’s domain authority and backlink profile.

  • Understand SEO Analysis: MOZ Domain Analysis provides a thorough view of a website’s SEO performance, helping identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Enhance Content Optimisation: By analysing the backlink profile and domain authority, you can tailor your content strategy to boost organic traffic and engagement.
  • Develop Effective Link-Building Strategies: Identify high-quality backlink opportunities through the tool’s insights, enabling the implementation of targeted link-building campaigns.
  • Improve Overall SEO Performance: Utilise the data from MOZ Domain Analysis to refine your SEO tactics, resulting in enhanced visibility, credibility, and ranking on search engine results pages.

7. ChatGPT

What makes ChatGPT an effective tool for enhancing online interactions and content creation?

ChatGPT is a valuable SEO tool due to its AI capabilities. By leveraging AI in SEO, ChatGPT can optimise chatbots, leading to more engaging online interactions. Chatbot optimisation is important for providing quick responses and personalised experiences to website visitors, ultimately improving user engagement and satisfaction.

ChatGPT’s AI in SEO extends to content creation. It can assist in generating high-quality content by providing topic suggestions, answering queries, and even drafting blog posts. This streamlines the content creation process and guarantees that the content is SEO-friendly, relevant, and engaging for the target audience.

8. RankMath SEO Optimised WordPress Plugin


The RankMath SEO Optimised WordPress Plugin streamlines the process of enhancing website SEO performance by providing user-friendly tools for optimizing various aspects of a WordPress site.

  • User-Friendly Interface: RankMath offers a simple interface, making it easy for users to optimise their content without extensive technical knowledge.
  • Built-In Suggestions: The plugin provides recommendations for improving SEO based on best practices, ensuring that your website is optimised for search engines.
  • Schema Markup Integration: RankMath includes an extensive schema markup library, helping websites provide structured data to search engines for better visibility.
  • Advanced SEO Features: Apart from basic SEO optimization, RankMath offers advanced features such as URL redirection, dead link identification, and optimization of meta tags.

When considering SEO plugin comparison, WordPress SEO tips, or SEO best practices, RankMath stands out for its versatility and effectiveness in optimizing WordPress websites. It’s a valuable tool for improving SEO strategies and enhancing website visibility.

9. Yoast SEO Plugin


Let’s explore the functionality of the Yoast SEO Plugin, a powerful tool for optimising WordPress websites. Regarding SEO optimisation, the Yoast SEO Plugin is a go-to choice for many website owners. It offers features like optimising title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs, making improving your website’s ranking on search engines easier.

One key aspect of using the Yoast SEO Plugin is its ability to assist in content marketing strategies. Providing real-time suggestions for improving content readability and keyword optimisation helps enhance the overall quality of your articles and posts.

In website ranking, the Yoast SEO Plugin ensures that your WordPress site is structured so that search engines can easily crawl and index it. It also aids in creating XML sitemaps, which can further boost your site’s visibility online.

10. Schema Validator at

We often employ Schema Validator at to ensure our structured data meets industry standards.

  1. Validation Process: The Schema Validator tool at allows us to input our structured data markup in JSON-LD format and validate its correctness.
  2. Error Identification: It helps us identify any errors or missing elements in our structured data, ensuring it complies with the recommended schema guidelines.
  3. SEO Optimisation: We enhance our website’s SEO optimisation efforts by ensuring our structured data is error-free and follows the schema guidelines.
  4. Industry Standards Compliance: Using the Schema Validator tool helps us align our structured data with the best practices accepted by major search engines, ultimately improving our website’s visibility and ranking potential.

11. SimilarWeb


Shifting our focus to SimilarWeb from our discussion on Schema Validator at, we now discuss this powerful tool.

SimilarWeb can help enhance SEO strategies, refine content marketing efforts, and optimize social media outreach. By utilizing SimilarWeb, users can gain valuable insights into their own website performance and that of competitors. This tool provides data on website traffic, audience demographics, popular pages, referral sources, and more. Such information can be crucial in devising effective SEO strategies tailored to attract the target audience.

Additionally, by analysing competitor data, users can identify successful content marketing approaches and areas for improvement. Understanding the digital landscape through SimilarWeb can also help refine social media outreach by identifying platforms driving traffic and engagement.

To summarise, SimilarWeb is a versatile tool that can positively impact the success of SEO strategies, content marketing initiatives, and social media outreach efforts.

12. SERP Robot


Let’s take a look at SERP Robot. The tool provides valuable insights into your website’s search engine results page (SERP) performance.

  1. Competitor Analysis: SERP Robot allows you to analyse your competitors’ SERP performance, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses in their SEO strategies.
  2. Keyword Tracking: This tool enables you to monitor your website’s keyword rankings on the SERP, aiding in SERP optimisation efforts by determining which keywords drive traffic to your site.
  3. SERP Features: SERP Robot helps you track and optimise for various SERP features, such as featured snippets, knowledge panels, and local packs, aligning with current content marketing trends to enhance visibility.
  4. Performance Metrics: By providing data on your website’s SERP performance metrics, such as click-through rates, impressions, and average positions, SERP Robot empowers you to make informed decisions about improving your SEO strategies.

Incorporating SERP Robot into your SEO toolkit can enhance your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic through effective SERP optimisation and alignment with current content marketing trends.

13. Google Alerts

Introducing Google Alerts, a valuable tool for staying updated on topics of interest by receiving email notifications whenever new content matching your specified keywords is published online. Google Alerts can be a game-changer for our SEO strategy, content marketing, and link-building efforts. We can keep a pulse on the latest trends, competitor activities, and new content opportunities by setting up alerts for relevant industry keywords. This proactive approach allows us to stay ahead in our SEO game, ensuring our content remains fresh and engaging for our audience.

Utilising Google Alerts in our SEO strategy can help us identify new link-building opportunities as soon as they arise. By monitoring mentions of our brand or key topics, we can reach out for potential collaborations and partnerships to boost our website’s authority and visibility. Additionally, Google Alerts can serve as a valuable tool for content marketing, providing us with real-time insights into popular topics and discussions in our niche. Incorporating Google Alerts into our digital toolkit can enhance our SEO efforts and keep us informed in this ever-evolving online landscape.

14. ScreamingFrog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog

Let’s explore the functionality and benefits of ScreamingFrog for enhancing website SEO.

  1. SEO Analysis:
    ScreamingFrog is a powerful tool for conducting in-depth SEO analysis of websites. It crawls through a site’s pages, identifying broken links, missing meta descriptions, and duplicate content that could impact SEO performance.
  2. Keyword Research:
    Using ScreamingFrog, you can extract valuable data related to keywords on your website. This tool helps identify keyword usage across different pages, enabling you to assess keyword density and relevance for better optimisation.
  3. Content Optimisation:
    ScreamingFrog aids in optimisation by providing insights into how well your content is structured for SEO. It highlights areas where improvements can be made, such as optimising titles, headings, and image alt texts to enhance overall content quality.
  4. Technical SEO Insights:
    Beyond just content, ScreamingFrog also explores technical aspects like site speed, URL structure, and response codes. This information is essential for ensuring that your website meets technical SEO standards, leading to better performance in search engine rankings.

15. Website Auditor by SEO PowerSuite

Our exploration of the capabilities of the Website Auditor by SEO PowerSuite reveals valuable insights into optimising website performance for enhanced SEO results. This free SEO tool offers a holistic approach to website optimisation, assisting users in developing a robust SEO strategy. From keyword research to content creation, the Website Auditor provides essential tools and tips to elevate your website’s SEO performance.

Here is a breakdown of the key features of the Website Auditor:

Website OptimisationTools to improve website performance
SEO StrategyGuidance on creating an effective SEO plan
Keyword ResearchAssistance in discovering relevant keywords
Content CreationTips for crafting SEO-friendly content

16. Keyword Surfer

After exploring the capabilities of the Website Auditor by SEO PowerSuite, which offers valuable insights into optimising website performance for enhanced SEO results, we shift our focus to the current product – Keyword Surfer.

  • Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword Surfer provides a free browser extension for keyword research, giving insights like search volume, related keywords, and backlink data right in Google search results.

  • SEO Optimisation and Content Creation

With Keyword Surfer, you can optimise your content based on real-time keyword suggestions, ensuring your website aligns well with search queries.

  • Website Ranking and Competitor Analysis

Analyse your website’s ranking performance against competitors using Keyword Surfer’s data on keyword trends and search volumes.

  • Enhanced SEO Insights

By leveraging Keyword Surfer, you can gain valuable information on keyword competitiveness and user search behaviour, aiding in the creation of SEO strategies tailored to your target audience.

17. AlsoAsked


Exploring the insights provided by AlsoAsked reveals valuable questions related to the search query, aiding in content optimisation and audience engagement. AlsoAsked is a tool that extracts questions from Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ feature, providing a pool of potential subtopics and queries worth addressing in your content. By leveraging these questions, content creators can investigate further into the interests and concerns of their target audience, ultimately enhancing the relevance and value of their materials.

Moreover, AlsoAsked can be particularly useful for Reddit keyword trends and SEO analysis. By understanding the questions users are asking related to specific topics, marketers can uncover valuable insights into what resonates with their audience on platforms like Reddit. This information can inform content optimisation strategies and keyword research, helping to tailor content to meet the needs and interests of users.

When comparing SEO tools, the free AlsoAsked tool stands out as a valuable resource for generating content ideas and improving SEO performance without incurring additional costs. Its functionality in extracting relevant questions and providing a deeper understanding of user queries makes it a valuable asset in the digital marketing toolkit.

18. Google Analytics – GA4

Analysing website data through Google Analytics provides valuable insights into user behaviour and website performance. Google Analytics is one of the essential SEO tools that helps in understanding website traffic and optimising content marketing strategies.

Here are four key aspects to take into account when utilising Google Analytics:

  1. Traffic Sources: Identify where your website visitors are coming from, whether it’s from organic search, social media, referrals, or direct traffic. Understanding the sources can help prioritise marketing efforts.
  2. User Behavior: Analyse how users interact with your website, including which pages they visit, how long they stay, and where they drop off. This data can guide improvements to enhance user experience.
  3. Conversion Tracking: Set up goals and track conversions to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Understanding what actions lead to conversions is essential for content marketing success.
  4. Audience Insights: Explore demographic information, interests, and behavior of your website visitors. Tailoring content marketing strategies to align with your audience can boost engagement and conversions.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to optimise your website’s performance and enhance your SEO efforts.

19. Schema Generator by

When considering tools for SEO optimisation, exploring the capabilities of Schema Generator by can provide valuable insights into enhancing website performance and search engine visibility. This free tool specialises in generating structured data markup in the JSON-LD format, which is essential for helping search engines better understand your content. By utilising SchemaGenerator, you can easily create various types of schema markup such as local business, FAQ, and product schemas. This aids in improving the overall SEO of your website by making it more understandable and relevant to search engines.

Structured data plays a vital role in enhancing your website’s visibility in search engine results, making SchemaGenerator a valuable addition to your SEO toolkit. With this tool, you can streamline the process of adding structured data to your site, ultimately leading to better indexing and potentially higher rankings. As structured data continues to be an important factor in SEO success, leveraging free tools like SchemaGenerator can give you a competitive edge in the online landscape.

20. Answer the Public

Let’s explore how Answer the Public can enhance your SEO strategy. ‘Answer the Public’ is a valuable tool for generating content ideas and optimising your website’s visibility.

Here are four ways this tool can benefit your SEO efforts:

  1. SEO Strategy: Utilise the insights from ‘Answer the Public’ to align your content with popular search queries and trends, ultimately improving your website’s SEO performance.
  2. Content Optimisation: Identify relevant topics and questions that users are searching for, allowing you to tailor your content to meet their needs and preferences effectively.
  3. Link Building Techniques: Use the data provided by ‘Answer the Public’ to create compelling content that attracts backlinks naturally, enhancing your link building strategies.
  4. Keyword Research: Discover long-tail keywords and phrases through ‘Answer the Public’ that can help you target specific audiences and improve your search engine rankings.

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